Vilót Skin Rejuvenation Kit: Deep Cleanse, Heal & Glow
Vilót Skin Rejuvenation Kit: Deep Cleanse, Heal & Glow
Vilót Skin Rejuvenation Kit: Deep Cleanse, Heal & Glow

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Five stars

It is truly a wonderful product

Love it !

The charcoal mask works great draws out all the toxins ! The face balm feels so good in my skin ! And the hydrating facial serum really makes my skin glow !

Love this set

I love this set. I'm so glad I purchased these all at once. I already need a new balm because I use it everywhere not just on my face. Hey you can you make a body balm?

Vilót Skin Rejuvenation Kit: Deep Cleanse, Heal & Glow

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*Luxury, Handcrafted, Made in small batches. Order now.  Last batch sold out in less than 24 hours. Do not wait* 

The Bundle includes 1 Vilót Serum, 1 Activated Charcoal Mask & 1 Vilót Face balm  ($110 dollar value)

 Face Balm:

Eliminates/minimizes Dark spots ⁣

Collagen Boost⁣

Hydrates Skin ⁣

Gives Glowing and Radiant results

The Vilót Face Balm creates a protective barrier to naturally shield your skin from harsh weather, free radicals, pollutants, and chemicals. The Vilót Face Balm is also safe to use for the most sensitive skin. 

What to know:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Made in the USA

 Activated Charcoal Mask:

Good To Know: 100% Vegetarian, Vegan*
*Free from animal derived ingredients

What It Is:
This purifying charcoal mask unclogs pores for a perfectly pure look. It deeply detoxes, absorbs environmental toxins & dissolves impurities. 

What It Does:
Formulated with Activated Charcoal, green clay & Aloe Vera Gel. This charcoal mask acts like a magnet to deep clean & draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, impurities & debris.

We Formulate Without:
Parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oil, DEA, petrolatum, paraffin, polyethylene beads, formaldehyde & animal ingredients

Vilót's Hydrating facial Serum:

is like a daily multivitamin for the skin. The serum is infused in herbs for several weeks, believing that its antioxidant properties and role in promoting collagen make infusing a crucial part of the blends process. This potent blend and collagen serum helps brighten, heal and firm the skin as it delivers all-day hydration.

Apply Day or Night for healing, hydrated skin: Use this blend day or night. Can be applied before makeup as a primer or Nightly for a healing nightly treatment.

The Facial Serum has anti-inflammatory properties, encourages the healing of scars, dark spots and sun spots, upon application gives the skin a collagen boosting glow. The light weight serum doesn't clog pores and is recommended for ALL skin types. 

Makeup Priming oil: Moisturizes and smooths skin, can be used as a nourishing lotion primer.

Cruelty Free: This blend is 100% natural and has never been tested on animals. 

Enriched with Calendula, Jojoba and Evening primrose oil, this fast-absorbing, serum formula revives the complexion. Indulge in this serum, calming aroma and silky texture as it glides beautifully on the skin for a healthier, more youthful-looking Vilót Glow™.

  • Brightens
  • Firms with collagen boost
  • Fights visible signs of aging
  • Heals/fades scars
  • All-day hydration