Vilót Skin came about accidentally. I had been formulating a product for pregnant women, to preserve the elasticity of the stomach and aid in the stretching of the skin. Soon after, I became pregnant. I used the balm on my stomach every single day. My stomach was glowing, felt amazingly hydrating and it absorbed so well. 

At my nine week appt, I thought I would be seeing my moving embryo for the first time, Instead I was told my baby's gestation stopped at 6 weeks. It was a profound pain that I could never have imagined.  

A few weeks later, on my 32nd birthday, my skin had broken out for the first time ever. I had deep acne pimples and scarring. Never had I experienced skin care issues before. I used expensive creams and cleansers I couldn’t afford and still didn’t get the smooth, glowing skin I wanted.


My skin was dry, dull and I started to see fine lines. I tried a “more affordable” brand that aired on day-time television and nothing.

After trying it all, I thought about the balm I had been using for my pregnant belly. Each ingredient in the balm, catered to the issues I endured on my face. Wrinkles, Collagen infused oil, acne, Jojoba oil for the skin barrier, dullness, evening primrose for radiant skin complexion, each box was checked. So I ran an experiment. 

For months I used it and experimented on my skin. I popped pimples, got burns, would get scars from acne and use the balm every day to give moisture and healing to my skin. My skin started to be flawless, I was glowing, my laugh lines disappeared. I was honestly, in disbelief!

Eventually, friends and family began to use the Balm and purchase it multiple times over. Their skin looked hydrated, bright, they looked younger and started to glow.

THAT’S the moment I knew I had a product. At the time, I had another company and added the balm to that. However, the Balm sort of took over that site. I knew that if it was going to grow and take a life of it’s own, The Face Balm needed its own brand.

With a generous limit on my Amazon credit, I ordered in bulk. Vilót Skin was born. While the pain of grief hit like a boulder, I realized that in grief, a seed was planted in the world and now we have an entire line and are growing daily. 

We are as affordable and transparent as we can be. Our products are 100% natural, handcrafted in small batches, chemical free, hormone-friendly & naturally healing bringing out the best in your skin. Made in the USA, we take pride in what we have created. I am beyond proud to make my customer’s satisfaction a priority. We aren’t happy until YOU are.

We also have a money back guarantee* upon completion of the product!

There is literally no risk for you. Have a look around our site, stay a while, leave us a suggestion, review, comment on a blog. We LOVE to hear from you. Let us know how we are doing!