*Luxury, 100% Natural ingredients, Handcrafted, Made in small batches in USA* 


    • Eliminates/minimizes Dark spots
    • Collagen Boost
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Hydrates Skin
    • Gives Glowing, Youthful and Radiant results

What to know:

    • Cruelty Free
    • Hormone Friendly
    • Non-toxic
    • Handcrafted in Small batches
    • Made in the USA

Vilót Skin has incredibly luxurious ingredients that are organic, cruelty-free and hand selected for each batch prepared. Infused with Herbs, each product has 7 natural ingredients or less. Some have only 3. Our products have been know to aid and assist in the following skin issues: 

  • Eliminates/minimizes Dark spots ⁣
  • Eliminates fine lines
  • Collagen Boost⁣
  • Hydrates Skin ⁣
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Gives Glowing, Youthful and Radiant results 
  • addresses roughness
  • wrinkles
  • redness dryness, and irritation
  • It facilitates the healing process
  • reduces the appearance of scars, and calms inflammation. 
  • Rosacea

The Vilot Face Balm is a hydrating moisturizer balm used as a daily & nightly moisturizer that eliminates or minimizes dark spots, aides with red or blush skin due to rosacea, eliminates fine lines, boosts collagen production in the skin and leaves the skin glowing, youthful with radiant results. 

The Face Balm promotes a healthy, clear, rejuvenated complexion with enhanced radiance that addresses roughness, wrinkles, redness, dryness, and irritation. It facilitates the healing process, reduces the appearance of scars, and calms inflammation. 

It is hand-crafted luxury made in small batches. It is an anti-aging, age gracefully product used by women of all ages. The Vilót Face Balm is also safe to use for the most sensitive skin. 

The Balm is both preventative & reactive. It is reactive in healing the skin over time,  bringing out the best in your skin, yet preventative in creating a barrier, protecting the skin from pollution and environmental exposures.  

Click the Ingredients tab for the description of each luxurious ingredient used.

Size:  2.4oz