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The Vilót Face Balm hydrates dry skin with 7 radiant ALL NATURAL ingredients that provide a collagen boost, long-lasting moisturizing glow. It's chemical free and is also safe to use for the most sensitive skin. For all Skin types.


    Our Story

    On my 32nd birthday, my skin had broken out for the first time ever. I had deep acne pimples and scarring. Never had I experienced skin care issues before. I used expensive creams and cleansers I couldn’t afford and still didn’t get the smooth, glowing skin I wanted.


    My skin was dry, dull and I started to see fine lines. I tried a “more affordable” brand that aired on day-time television and nothing.

    I created the Face Balm.  For months I used it and experimented on my skin. I popped pimples, got burns, would get scars from acne and use the balm every day to give moisture and healing to my skin. My skin started to be flawless, I was glowing, my laugh lines disappeared. I was honestly, in disbelief!


    Eventually, friends and family began to use the Balm and purchase it multiple times over. Their skin looked hydrated, bright, they looked younger and started to glow.

    THAT’S the moment I knew I had a product. At the time, I had another company and added the balm to that. However, the Balm sort of took over that site. I knew that if it was going to grow and take a life of it’s own, The Face Balm needed its own brand.

    With a generous limit on my Amazon credit, I ordered in bulk. Vilót Skin was born. Now we have an entire line and are growing daily.

    We are as affordable and transparent as we can be. Our products are vegan, chemical free. Made in the USA, we take pride in what we have created. I am beyond proud to make my customer’s satisfaction a priority. We aren’t happy until YOU are.

    RISK-FREE! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

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    Based on 143 reviews
    Deep cleanse, Heal & Glow

    Amazing product. No irritation or redness just smooth and radiant skin. I LOVE IT.

    Vlot Balm

    The balm is great it makes my skin feel and look healthier!

    Could take it or leave it

    I have extremely DRY skin. I had hoped this would be more emollient but it wasn’t.

    Excellent product!!! A+

    This stuff is amazing & love how it applies. Great on lips, face, neck, back of hands, anywhere! It’s the best!!

    Feels nice

    I really like Vilot face cream. Altho it’s greasy at first I’ve learned that a little bit goes a long way and my skin just soaks it up. I love the application being in a tube rather than a jar so you don’t need to get your hands in it. I’ll continue using it nightly but since I use makeup foundation it is a bit too greasy to use as a moisturizer under foundation.

    Excellent Product

    I saw an improvement in my skin almost immediately. It is very nourishing on my dry skin. I love the packaging which makes it very easy to use. I also use it on my lips, cuticles, hands, under my eyes etc. It is worth the price because you get quite a lot of product.

    Best stuff on the planet!!!

    Can’t say enough great about this product!! Simply the best stuff ever.. leaves my face clean and glowing!


    Not sure about this product yet. Very greasy and not sure I see anything different in my skin. I’ll keep using. The verdict is still out I guess.

    Vilot Skin Face Balm Daily Collegan Moisturizer Balm

    Love how it makes your skin look and feel. Gives a healthy glow! Helps diminish brown spots and doesn’t take much. Will definitely continue to use.

    Face balm

    Very nice moisturizing balm. Does not take much. Very generous amount in the tube. No mess application.


    I recommend this product to everyone every age. I am 63 I had a lot of brown spots from sun exposure and they are gone. My skin never looked so smooth. If I could I would give a 10. You will not be sorry. Even the fine lines on my neck are going away. Amazing Fantastic Excellent are a few choice words. Please please please never stop making it.


    I was skeptical but this balm is amazing. I used it a few days after having laser done on my face for broken capillaries. It soothed the heat and the redness. I continue to use it every night and under my sunscreen. It smells good and feels good. No breakouts or greasiness .

    Good service

    The company has and is working hard to find my product. And I appreciate their effort.

    Excellent product

    First time I’ve ever given a review but this is the best product, I will definitely continue to use.

    Love how it glides on!

    Love everything about it! Great on back of hands.

    Don't do it

    The product is way too greasy, and it has an unpleasant smell. I would never use it again!

    Hi Carol!
    We are sorry you feel that the fragrance is unpleasant. We try to slightly hint our balms with lavender so that skin isn't irritated and allergies aren't flared. Please let us know if there is anyway we can help you further.

    In a couple of weeks....

    In a couple ad weeks I already see improved tone, clarity, and suppleness in my face and neck. Loving this product

    Highly recommend!

    A great addition to the face balm. This combination makes for a simple skin routine that gives me results. I have become a fan. Also customer service is the best.


    love it, face feels soft and product smells great!

    Amazing product, easy to use!

    I just celebrated my 74th birthday. I like simple, easy to use, one step, quality products. Vilot is perfect for me.

    Vilot balm

    Love this balm. I have to wear a mask all day at work and have dry patches on my face. This has gotten rid of them. I use at night and my skin is so soft in the morning. Glad I bought 2 of them!!

    At Last!!!

    After buying numerous products through ads on Facebook and being disappointed, I have found that this product fulfills its promises!
    I am 79 years old and love this product. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. I have also received several compliments on my complexion. I am very excited to recommend Vilot Face Balm. Exceeded all of my expectations!

    Amazing for Dry Skin

    I am a western girl. I have lived in California, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. My skin is very dry and I have spent 20 years trying expensive and drugstore creams and I have had to add Jojoba oil, coconut oil, any oil to all of them to get true moisture. I absolutely love this stuff. I am in my mid 40s and it has been a game changer for me. It dulled the sun damage dark spots on my neck, it has made my skin glow (like it did when we live in humidity), and has made it so healthy. Absolutely, amazing for dry skin souls!

    You can’t go wrong with Vilot

    The Vilot face balm is as advertised . The smell is amazing; like the tropics! Doesn’t cause any breakouts which is surprising to be honest .