8 Skincare Trends For Summer 2022

1. Plant based Ingredients

The internet and the skincare community salivates at the latest and greatest skincare product that is natural, has less or no chemicals and is bunny certified (cruelty free). The latest trend is to find and have skincare that is as natural as possible. The request for healthy products that help you achieve a, “natural glow” is totally in. If you don’t use Vilót Skin products, which have plant based ingredients, be sure to check the ingredients on your products that help nourish your skin as well as ingredients that will give you a brightening effect. The cleaner the ingredients, the better. There are a lot more unexpected discoveries in the natural skincare space like Red Onion. As the science around it grows, we will continue to update you on the growth and awareness of such ingredients.

Plant based Ingredients for Skincare summer trends 2022 Jojoba oil, Gotu Kola, Calendula Flowers, Evening Primrose Oil

2. Skinimalism

We are in the times of 9 & 10 skincare steps before bed to achieve "glass skin." NO MORE!!!!! In reality, all of these steps are created so that the consumer can purchase more products from the industry, product junkies love it. However, for those of us that just want to get the job done effectively and with as least amount of work as possible, Minimalist skincare routines are IN! An effective cleanser, toner & moisturizer, as well as a deep cleaning mask. Also, just FYI double cleansing sounds like a good idea, however it literally strips the skin barrier of ALL moisture. Be wise when choosing who to listen to. 

Skinimalism, minimalist skincare for summer 2022 skin care trends. Natural skincare, Plant based environmental friendly skincare

3. Multi-Use Products

Due to the strong trend towards minimizing product usage/routines. All-in-one skincare products are IN! Products like the Vilót Face Balm, which can also be used as a body balm & body moisturizer and the Hydrating Collagen Serum, which can be used on the body. These are Vilot skin's highly reviewed items that are flying off the shelves. Truly, any product that saves you time and MONEY but are extremely effective on the skin are worth the try! Are you up for the challenge?

Multi-use skincare product All natural, plant based ingredients, body moisturizer, facial serum, collagen plant based, body oil

4. Environmentally Friendly Brands/ Products

Experts say, that there continues to be a shift in the way consumers considering their products. They want more vegan friendly, environmentally friendly products. In this case, we look at products such as sheet masks. Sheet masks are NOT environmental friendly, experts recommend using wash off masks. Wash off masks are even more effective and better for the environment. The Activated Charcoal Mask by Vilót Skin has ONLY 3 ingredients and is Aloe Vera based. It is a wash off mask that deep cleans pores of environmental pollutants, pulls grease, make up, salt and sweat from them and leaves the face with a clean finish but not a dry, dehydrated, cracked, feeling.  If you are using sheet masks and are looking for something a bit more environmental friendly and naturally derived, give the Activated Charcoal Mask a try. 

Environmental Friendly Skin care products like Vilót Skin products that are plant based and hormonal friendly.

5. Aloe Vera

This here is obviously one of our favorite trends. It highlights one of our best selling face masks, Activated Charcoal Mask which is Aloe Vera based. Aloe Vera is a heck of a plant, not only is it full of luscious, gooey clear gel, that gel has been long recommended by the wholistic community as a plant that can be used topically AND can be ingested (in moderation of course). Because it’s summer, Aloe is going to be essential for sun burns and cooling skin conditions. It is one of the most HYPED ingredients of the summer, however it lives up to its reputation. Vilót Skin has a blog post that details how to use a $2 Aloe Vera leaf to support your skin barrier and leave a moisturizing, healthy finish for days on end. You can also use Aloe Vera on your hair as a deep conditioner, it will leave your hair hydrated and healthy especially after being in the sun. 

Aloe Vera based products, all natural Vilót Skin products that are plant based and have plant derived collagen, 8 summer skincare trends for 2022

6. Glazed/Glass Skin

Hailey Bieber called it and now it's in, “Glazed Donut” skin. It’s the finish that we all asked for and that we all want to achieve sans makeup. This summer since we are heading into a more “natural look” territory and less make up is desired, we want our skin to, “shine bright like a diamond.” We can do this by using dewy moisturizers or oil based serums. Also, stick highlighters help by rolling them upward across the cheek bones. If you want to try this trend or are into it, Try one of two Vilót Skin products, The Face Balm or the Hydrating Collagen Serum. Either one will give you glazed/glass skin with no need to add highlighter. 

Glazed Donut skin Glass dewy skin trend first mentioned by Hailey Bieber in the 8 summer skincare trends of 2022

7. Skin Barrier Boosting

Ladies (and Gentlemen), now is the time to get that skin barrier in order! We’ve had a harsh winter, we’ve dried our skin and our bodies using heat to stay warm, sweating to get those summer bodies ready, over exfoliating, double cleansing, clogging from masks and makeup, all the while too busy to add some self-care, hydrating steps into our routine but NO MORE!!! Acids have dominated the skincare market, however it is time for a change. It’s time we pay attention to products that HELP our skin barrier in its defense against pollutants, bacteria and anything nasty your skin holds onto. If the skin barrier is damaged, you’ll have dull, toxin filled, damaged looking skin. (Youtube Dr. Dray on skin barrier) You need to AID your skin barrier by helping it hold on to moisture. Look for products that have skin barrier protections, like Jojoba oil (a main ingredient of both the Vilót Hydrating Collagen Serum and Vilót Face Balm). Helping your skin barrier could take years off the skin with proper care and diligence. 

Skin barrier boosting ingredient Jojoba oil, helps rebuild skin barrier and cure acne. Vilót Skin base ingredient jojoba oil helps with menopause, acne, summer trend skincare 2022

8. Menopause-Proof Skin

During Perimenopause (as well as breastfeeding an infant or a toddler) the skin becomes much drier, collagen begins to deplete. The body doesn’t make as much or any estrogen at all and you begin to dry up like a prune. In this case, finding the right skincare is the move to defend your skin against your body’s attack. Hydrating and soothing is the key to combat these hormonal changes. If your skin is red, blotchy, dry it is time to change to products that help hydrate. Products that are geared for this phase in your life. At this pivotal, you do not need to search for “menopause skincare products,” as the way the market is geared it won’t do you any good. Look at the brands you trust and brands like ours (Vilót Skin) that have naturally plant based ingredients and oils in our products. You don’t need chemicals, you need moisture, natural moisture. Pause Well, has a collagen moisturizer that has done well in the market. We have not given this a try however, you could use any of the Vilót Skin Products to reduce your dryness at an affordable price. 

Let us know if you try any of these trends this Summer and how they work out for you. 

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I’ve always been such a minimalist when it comes to skincare. I’m also super happy to hear I am not the only person that has been using the face balm for my body!!

Anne June 09, 2022

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