Get Radiant Skin for $2

As many of you may already know, Aloe Vera is a beautiful succulent plant, very low maintenance and is mostly hanging out by a well lit window. However, this magical plant does more than just look pretty and brighten up a room. 

Aloe Vera is filled with many purposes and has so many great benefits. For the purpose of the blog, we'll stick to the benefits Aloe Vera has on the skin, more specially your face.  

Aloe Vera Gel helps Acne, it hydrates skin, heals rashes, fights signs of aging, lightens blemishes, reduces inflammation, reduces inflection, and helps soothe sunburn. It's literally a miracle plant. 

Costing about $2 per Aloe leaf, Aloe Vera is the most inexpensive cure for the most stubborn skin ailments. Having an Aloe leaf around your home can literally save you hundreds on expensive skin care solutions that are supposed to work for your skin. 

Here's what we know, not all skin is created equal. A combination of products that may work for one person, may not work for another. However, with Aloe Vera, it almost ALWAYS does the trick. 

It is best to use natural, fresh, Aloe Vera from the produce section of local grocery store. If you can find organic leaves, that's even better. Aloe, which is featured in our Activated Charcoal Mask, has many many qualities that make this blog worth reading and saving for future reference. 

Do NOT purchase Aloe Gel in a container from your pharmacy or store. It will not guarantee you results, not only is it lazy, it's a waste of your time. Grab an organic leaf and cut it as needed.

This $2 Leaf is the only ingredient needed to make your skin come to life. 

Here are the directions for the Organic Aloe Mask that will have your peers asking your secret!

1. Buy an Organic (if possible) Aloe Vera Leaf from the produce section of your local market. 

2. Grab a clean knife, cut an inch off the top of the leaf. Discard top of leaf.

3. From the top, cut a two inch piece of the leaf. Store the leaf in the fridge or off to the side in your kitchen. 

4. Take the 2 in piece and rinse it. 

5. Using the same knife, cut the spikes off on each side of the Aloe piece.

6. Slice the piece in equal halves. Like so  

7. Take one half of the Aloe piece and poke it with your nail or finger to release the gel.

8. Rub the leaf all over your face, if the leaf dries, be sure to use the second half, applying it generously. 

9. Allow the Aloe Vera Gel to dry and leave on over night. 

By morning, you can wash your face off and add your daily moisturizer (Vilót Skin Face Balm) or your facial Serum (Vilót Skin Serum) for maximum results. 

You can apply the Aloe Vera Mask every night for aggressive skin issues or if you once or twice weekly for a hydrating refreshed skin tone. It's natural so no amount of damage can be done when using nightly.

Let us know how it works for you in the comments, send us before and after photos of 30 day progress to You will be featured on our testimonials page! 

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